To provide a meaningful and interactive daily provision for young people with disabilities to enhance their personal development, life skills and independence. We will develop citizenship skills and build on the young people’s confidence and self-esteem whilst allowing them to foster positive friendships within a safe environment.


Day Opportunities will be delivered across two days (Monday & Tuesday) initially and will be based at the Playtrail site. Each day will run for 5 hours, it will be young person led and participants will take part in a variety of meaningful programmes, activities and outings.

Sample of activities

  • Accessing local community facilities                          
  • Shopping/Lunch in city centre
  • Personal & Social development programmes
  • Volunteering opportunities                           
  • Fab Social programmes (Nerve Centre)
  • Social enterprise programmes                      
  • Horticulture
  • Getting fit and healthy                     
  • Day trips
  • Cooking                                                                       
  • Team building                                       
  • Travel training


Additional information or appointments can be provided on request