8th Feb 2020 - 8th Feb 2020
2-3pm and 3-4pm
@ playtrail

Forest Schools is a was of nurturing children's learning through the provision of hands-on experiences in an inspirational, outside natural environment.

Overtime children are given increasingly challenging achievable tasks as individuals and as part of a team which build upon and develop their skills, knowledge and confidence.

The idea of Forest Schools originated in Scandinavia where outdoor living and learning is totally embedded in society. In Scandinavia there is a strong belief that nature and movement is essential to a child’s overall development and well-being. Most children, through their schools, spend one day per week engaged in learning activities outdoors, appreciating how to care for and respect the environment while also looking after themselves and others.

Key Features:
The use of woodland, other wild spaces and/or school grounds.
A flexible child-led approach to learning which accommodates a range of learning styles which can be adapted for different ages and all abilities.

The freedom to explore using multiple senses (vital for encouraging creative, diverse and imaginative play). Learning which links reinforces the national curriculum in innovative ways that encourage children to develop their curiosity and motivation to learn.

Mini beast hunt
Pond dipping
Camp craft
Fire skills
Den Building