The HUB Video:

Funded under the Self Directed Support Model, by the Western Health and Social Care Trust, we develop our young people’s confidence and self-esteem whilst allowing them to foster positive friendships with their friends within a safe environment. We focus on empowering young people to become more socially engaged, increasing their abilities and improving communication. Currently delivered across 5 days from our HUB facility @ Northside Village Shopping Centre, (where our Thrift Charity Shop is also based), we place inclusion at the heart of the community.  The HUB operates over 6 multi-functional rooms and within the community. Each day runs for 5 hours, with a wide range of meaningful programmes, activities and outings led by the young person.


Sample of activities:

                       Accessing local community facilities                          
Personal & Social development programmes
Creative Arts
Volunteering opportunities
                          Music and performances                           
   Social enterprise programmes    
                  Health & Well being                 
                    Getting fit and healthy                     
Day trips
Shopping/Lunch in city centre
Team building 

We work closely with our community and other partners to deliver meaningful and specialised programmes to meet our young people’s needs.


For any information in regards to HUB services or to make a referral please contact:

Annemarie Donnelly - Transition Services Manager

Email: or Call: 02871 354300 (The HUB)