The HUB Video:

Funded under the Self Directed Support Model, by the Western Health and Social Care Trust, we develop our young people’s confidence and self-esteem whilst allowing them to foster positive friendships with their friends within a safe environment. We focus on empowering young people to become more socially engaged, increasing their abilities and improving communication. Currently delivered across 5 days from our HUB facility @ Northside Village Shopping Centre, (where our Thrift Charity Shop is also based), we place inclusion at the heart of the community.  The HUB operates over 6 multi-functional rooms and within the community. Each day runs for 5 hours, with a wide range of meaningful programmes, activities and outings led by the young person.


Sample of activities:

                       Accessing local community facilities                          
Personal & Social development programmes
Creative Arts
Volunteering opportunities
                          Music and performances                           
   Social enterprise programmes    
                  Health & Well being                 
                    Getting fit and healthy                     
Day trips
Shopping/Lunch in city centre
Team building 

We work closely with our community and other partners to deliver meaningful and specialised programmes to meet our young people’s needs.