The Accessing Citizenship and Training Project (ACT)

Funded by the Big Lottery Empowering Young People Fund, ACT is a 2-year, person centred and led, educational, training, personal/social development project for young people with learning disabilities (LD) aged 16–23 years  transitioning from school to adult life.

By participating in ACT young people will develop confidence, self-esteem, social and communication skills to get further involved in education and training, reducing their risk of becoming NEET. Participants will have improved relationships with peers, families, schools and others and will be more connected to people around them. 

The 3 days will cover areas of learning to include Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Citizenship, and Education and Training. Evenings and Weekends will focus on Personal Development, Fitness, Drama and Creative Arts, BUD and other youth, social and befriending programmes. 

A new element of our project and a unique partnership with the Nerve Centre’s Fab Lab allows our young people to gain a qualification in Digital Fabrication and develop an Aquaponics system, the FabFarm based here at the Playtrail. The FabFarm combines innovative aquaponics farming methods, of using water and fish for vegetable growing, with new digital fabrication techniques and equipment. Another exciting element of the ACT project works with young people developing their social enterprise skills producing produce from our allotments for the Sooty Oliverestaurant and other local artisan markets.

Young people will undertake an OCN Entry Level 3 Certificate or unit achievement if appropriate.

Day 1 – Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Focused on improving health and well-being this area of learning covers modules on: Health and Fitness training; Cook it; Relationships; Personal development and goal setting; and Drugs and Alcohol awareness.

Day 2 – Citizenship

Focused on developing better relationships with support networks and communities, this area of learning covers modules on: Staying safe, Emergency services and First Aid; Accessing Community Facilities; Travel Training; Empowerment and Leadership; and Equality and Awareness through Drama.

Day 3 – Education and Training

Focused on getting YP ready for Education, Work and Training, this area of learning covers modules on: Work Placement – which can be extended if required; Horticulture – to include Fab Farms; Social Enterprise; Digital Arts; and Creative Arts, I am Me productions